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Save on Energy Costs

It is important to consider Energy Analysis of your HVAC system in you home or office, especially if your utility bills are higher than normal. Be proactive and let a professional discover energy leaks that are costing you money. We will detect the exact areas that need to be sealed and insulated. Additionally, looking at all aspects of the dwelling and show you how you will be able to save more in utilities. Duke Energy customers may qualify for a $100 rebate with a professional Energy Audit.
Energy Audits

Duct Sealing

The best way to deal with small cracks, holes and loose connections in your existing ductwork is with professional duct sealing services. We use only high quality materials and time–tested methods to ensure that the job is completed corrected. Leaks are first detected with Thermal Imaging to seek out heat gain and heat loss throughout the structure. A more comprehensive method is using the Blower Door Test for the interior and Duct Blaster Test for ductwork energy efficiency. Customers are eligible for Duke Energy rebates.

Blower Door Test

Blower Door testing is a great way to audit your home's energy efficiency. We can make sure that it's done correctly and thoroughly so that we can deliver an accurate assessment of where you might be losing air in your home. The building is pulled into a vacuum to determine air leakage which can be corrected for maximum energy efficiency. All new construction now requires this test.

Duct Blaster Test

This test pressurizes the ductwork to determine any leaks. Duct Blaster creates zero pressure between ducts and building to measure leakage. This test is required for new ductwork.

Thermal Imagining

Thermal imaging reveals the hot and cold areas in your home. A camera is used to detect with infrared measurement of a color spectrum. The color is red for hot and blue for cold with degrees of intensity of colors in between for degrees of temperature variations. Deficiencies can be remediated with insulation and duct sealing.
Thermal Imaging — Energy Savings in Jacksonville NC

Improving Air Quality

Improve Quality

UV Germicidal Lights

While filters and cleaners remove particles from the air, UV germicidal light technology actually destroys the pollutants it is designed to target. UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) cleaners use lamps that generate UV radiation in safe amounts to destroy harmful microorganisms. They target viruses, bacteria, and other allergens circulating in the air or growing on the inner surfaces of the ductwork. Because UV lights are not capable of removing other particles from the air, they are best used as a supplemental measure.

Air Cleaners

A quality air filter or air cleaner can greatly improve the quality of the air inside your home. These devices all remove particles from the air in different ways. Mechanical air filters trap particles using a filter material as air passes through it. Electronic air cleaners use electrostatic attraction to clean the air. Air is pulled through a section of the cleaner where pollutants are ionized, giving them an electrical charge. Air collection plates within the device attract the charged particles. You can also opt for an ionizer, which works similarly but does not use a collector.

Fresh Air Ventilators

Remove odors from your home with Fresh Air Ventilators. Pets, cooking, and chemical odors are pulled from the home and epelled to the outside.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

These devices control the amount of humidity in your home for your personal comfort. Humidity can also adversely affect your furniture and personal belonging by causing mold to grow. Dehumidifiers can help prevent mold, mildew and bacteria Humidifies add moisture in air that is too dry and may affects breathing. These devices can improve your indoor air quality significantly.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Protect your family and pets from this invisible and silent killer. This device measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and sounds an alarm before it reaches a dangerous level.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Systems


There are many ways you can extend the life of your systems and save in your monthly utility bills
  • Install and use ceiling fans year round — they keep the cool or warm air circulating throughout the rooms
  • Schedule annual maintenance checks — our professionals will make sure all units are running smoothly and efficiently
  • Change furnace filters monthly
  • Dust and vacuum frequently as dirt and dust particles enter the heating systems and air ducts
  • Insulate all rooms so the warm or cool stays put

ZONING AND PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS provide proper comfort in different areas of your home or business by changing temperatures at certain pre-programmed times.
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